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What Is Love With Food | Healthy Snack Delivery Boxes

What is Love with Food?

If you have been looking for a healthy snack delivery box then you most certainly came to the right place. I’m going to give you the goods on our absolute favorite healthy snack box: #LoveWithFood! We’ve tried several companies and this one is our favorite by far. I love it because they are “clean” snacks and the kids love it because they are so fun, taste great and lets face it, it’s like Christmas when that red box arrives each month!

What Is Love With Food?:

So what is Love With Food? It is a new organic or all-natural snack subscription service that is delivered to your door every month. The membership starts as low as $7.99/month and every month, Love With Food members receive a box of unique, harder-to-find, tasty snacks that vary based on seasonal themes. Plus you earn points for free product YAY! (see more below)

An amazing addition to what Love With Food does: For every box sold they also donate a meal to different food banks such as the Feeding America Network and Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry. Their way of giving back!

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My Love With Food Review:

Healthy Snack Delivery BoxesWe have been getting snack boxes for a few years now and Love With Food specifically for about 6 months and they are the ones I have stuck with. We love the snacks, they are the best price, and I love what they stand for with the donations they give.

HERE IS A HINT!: Just a little hint to save more and get the most from your service. Get your discount for your very first sample box HERE. You will be given a few chances for upgrade options that offer fantastic savings and value. I upgraded to the deluxe box and prepaid for a year, which gave me huge savings and basically doubled my snacks for the price I would have paid otherwise. Love with food for kiddosThey give you a few different options, this is just the one I happened to choose.

Here are a few of the boxes we have received since we have started up the service. To the right this is one of the earlier boxes we received before I upgraded. As you can see for even their least expensive package the value is quite good. I know for a fact that the apple crisps alone are over $1 at the store and that’s if you get them in a bundle. The protein bar for Luna brands are closer to $2. Love With Food Pork CloudsWe enjoyed everything from this box and were quit anxious for the next one :-).

An additional note is that out of all of the boxes we have received so far there are only 2 products that we have ever had before. Everything else was something we had never heard of, or never tried or a variation of a something we may have had that was similar. I love the variety, I love the unique and I love the surprise of “What’s Inside”. Oh and the bonus points for free stuff – I mean who doesn’t love free stuff!
Healthy Snack BoxHealthy Snack Delivery Service

How Much Does A Healthy Snack Box Cost?:

I didn’t originally start with Love With Food….The company I original started with for a monthly snack box delivery was a product that was $20 a month and while it was fun selecting what you wanted and the snacks were very tasty, it really didn’t feel worth the cost so we stuck with it for about 6 months but then changed to another. So far Love With Food is the one I intend to stick with because what you get is a fantastic value for the price and quit honestly the element of surprise is super fun! Especially for the kids. Here is a chart to show their normal prices: (PS These prices don’t include the savings from the upgrade options)

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Love with food cost

I personally started with the taste box because I wanted to be sure it was worth while before I paid more for a bigger box. Yes, I can honestly say I’m “that” frugal :-). As I mentioned earlier I was given an upgrade opportunity with a few different options for additional savings and it has been well worth it. I was very pleasantly surprised with the taste box so jumping on board with the discount upgrade was a great decision and I’m happy I did. My kids get crazy excited every month and I’m constantly asked when the next one should be coming. They know now that once a new month starts that it will be coming before too long.

Love With Food BONUS POINTS!!!

ANOTHER cool feature are the points you earn with each box! Plus you can earn more with reviews, subscription, sharing and orders. They add up quick too. Love With Food’s overall value is just crazy good!!

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What If I Fall In Love With A Product?

We have found several things that we absolutely love and have always been able to find them. They offer products on their website that you can order at any time. But I have also been able to find everything that we wanted on Amazon and some things locally actually.

So do not worry if you find something that you want more of. Some of our favorites that we have ordered more of are the following:

Love with Food Pork CloudsPork Clouds: I follow a Ketogenic Diet (Learn More) so I was CRAZY excited to get these in our box a while back. Most people know what pork rinds are but honestly they kind of grossed me out so I’ve never eaten them; however, these were clean and are literally just the pork skins and seasoning. No fillers, no nastiness just real ingredients. So I tried them and it was love at first taste. I mean oh my goodness Love love love. We got 2 different flavors in our box: the Rosemary and the Black Pepper, and I loved them both. I was super excited to find a Habanaro flavor. So we bought the 10 full size bags you see pictured here that contains all 3 flavors. No sugar, 8 grams of protein and low calorie. Love it.

Love With Food Cheddar PuffsCosmos Creations Gluten Free Puffed Corn Cheddar Pepper: As you can see in the picture above my daughter loved these popcorn puffs. I would agree they are pretty tasty. A nice combo of a white cheddar flavor and a mild pepper flavor and they practically melt in your mouth. I can’t help but want to stock up on snacks like this that are guilt free, especially when it comes to the kids. This allows me to agree to a snack as opposed to junk and I don’t have to feel like a mom who is always saying no to what they want to have. These are virtually no sugar (1 gram), pretty low in carbs (13 grams) and low in saturated fat as well (1 gram). Win win in my book!

Love With Food Wafer BitesDolcetto Petites Wafer Bites: In one of our early boxes we got the cookies and cream flavor of these wafers and they were super good. The kids immediately asked for more lol. I held off, simply because I try not to have too many treats in the house, but then we later got the lemon flavor and man those were super good too so I caved and bought a few boxes. For me, I consider them to be a treat but a clean treat nonetheless. I would much rather them have these over Oreos or traditional commercial cookies.

Love with Food Luna BarsLuna Protein Bar, Chocolate Salted Caramel: Prior to Love With Food I had actually tried several Luna Bars but they were all from their nutrition line, not their protein line. I wasn’t much of a fan of the initial ones I tried but this particular one was very good and I was pleasantly surprised. Much tastier than the other in my opinion. I know Kroger and Walmart carry Luna Bars but I can’t say for sure they have this flavor and even different locations may or may not, but Amazon for sure does and I have found that they are a hair cheaper anyway on this type of product.

Thank you for reading my review! Feel free to leave a comment or question or message me personally if you like. I hope you give them a try. I can’t image that you would be disappointed!

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